Book Printing for Self-Publishing Authors

We'll walk you through all aspects of your project and get your book to you quickly, cost effectively and with unrivalled quality.

Personalised services for self-publishing authors

Short run printing, using the latest digital print presses (such as our HP Indigo) and highly trained people that care, puts the highest quality product finish within reach of those with a more modest budget – without dropping to the low quality standards linked to the print-on-demand model.

This means that self-publishers no longer need to fill their entire house with boxes and boxes of their latest book just to make the unit-price maths stack up!

The advantage of short run goes far beyond just being able to order few units.  It also means less money outlay, less waste, less risk and much faster turnaround times for authors and printers. I.e. Authors go from the submission of their manuscript and artwork to finished-product in their hands in a shorter time with far less risk than at any time in printing history!

Undercoverprint has been and is still excited to deliver short run printing services as it has empowered self-publishing authors to take control of their writing and authoring journey.

We have quickly become popular for helping self-publishers with their projects. Here are just some of the reasons why authors use our services:

  • An easy and fast online process to order whatever quantity you require.
  • Instant pricing options so that you can easily compare prices and calculate costs. And if our instant pricing options doesn’t do it for you, you can request a custom quote and get expert advice.
  • Our team of trusted professionals has helped many authors to produce their books. We have the experience.
  • Some other print on demand companies simply want you to upload your file. We are willing and able to answer all and any of your questions.
  • We produce superior quality printing and offer the latest in printing techniques and capabilities.
  • Our books are bound to be durable and we offer classic genre options for novels, autobiographies, children’s books and poetry books.

Importantly, we also give you the option of a final proof check before going to print and our instant pricing options means transparent pricing according to cover finish, cover enhancement, page type, colour and dispatch date.

Further, we know that all the printing options and lingo can be daunting. Afterall, you are not a printing expert, you just want a beautiful product.

We understand what your book means to you. We know the time, money and effort you have invested in it and we also know that your book needs to look professional and reflect the words, message and story on the pages.

Give us a try and see what we can do. Request a custom quote here or order print online.