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Trade print, or just trade prices?

Price is, of course, important. But of the biggest online printers associated with competitive prices, it would be fair to say that very few are truly ‘trade only’.

In fairness, most don’t profess to be; although in some cases the company name is designed to suggest otherwise. In other cases,

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Scale up. Scale down. Or stand still?

Some experts believe that print production will be dominated by just one or two ‘big players’ in each region and the remainder will serve relatively small localities; either outsourcing the bulk of their work, or specialising in a particular product or process serving niche markets.

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Boxing Clever

Good quality packaging is often overlooked by print suppliers, but getting the job delivered, right-first-time, and without damage is crucial to good supplier/client relationships.


This is why, at Flexpress, we only use extra strong double-walled corrugated boxes, many of which we have custom made,

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Hang on! We’re in for a bumpy ride!

Times may be challenging but you can still position your business to thrive by following our six-step approach to growth. We know it works; we’ve done it!


Doom and gloom seem to be the main focus of the media these days,

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Building for the future

The Japanese call it “Kaizen” which roughly translated means ‘continual improvement’ but improvement is the end result and in the meantime, it’s disruption.

It seems there is always something going on at Flexpress: things are being moved, new machinery is being installed, systems are being changed, and the latest instance has just started.

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