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The Author’s Journey

“I’m going to write a book!”  It’s the number one dream for about 80% of the population around the world. The idea of sitting in a café or working through the midnight hours can conjure up an idyllic vision for many.  But what is the reality?  Did you know that out of 80% of people […]

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Self-Publishing Costs

The different costs involved in self-publishing: What you need to know Summary: There are a number of costs involved when self-publishing: Editing costs, Formatting costs, Printing costs, Marketing costs, and Cover Design costs. In order to stick to a budget or save money, you need to understand what is on offer and choose the right […]

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How to format your book as a self-publisher

How to format your book as a self-publisher Summary: If you decide not to hire a freelancer or commission formatting services, there are a number of formatting or typesetting apps and tools you can use: Scrivener, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Vellum, Book Design Templates. Top tips include using a standard font, familiarising yourself with the anatomy […]

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Marketing tips for self-publishers

Marketing tips for self-publishers Summary: A well-thought out marketing strategy, executed consistently, can help any self-publisher to raise awareness about his or her book. The key is to plan effectively and to increase your book’s visibility as much as possible. Focus on the following: Define your audience Build a network Build a mailing list Blog […]

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Book Binding Guide

Book Binding: The Ultimate Guide There are a number of methods of binding books and each has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose of the book or print product. Did you know that binding actually predates the invention of printing, paper and the alphabet system of writing? When the ancients moved from drawing […]

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