The Author’s Journey

“I’m going to write a book!” 

It’s the number one dream for about 80% of the population around the world. The idea of sitting in a café or working through the midnight hours can conjure up an idyllic vision for many. 

But what is the reality? 

Did you know that out of 80% of people with the desire to write a book only 5% make a start? 

Out of those people only, 2% finish writing their book.

Then not everyone who finishes goes on to print or publish their book.

It can seem like the odds are against you – however, it doesn’t have to be! 

Writing a book, word by word, is one of the most incredible and fulfilling experiences you can have. When you receive feedback that your book has inspired a reader, that feeling gets multiplied tenfold! 

Plus, if you have a business, it can be a fantastic asset to attract clients, raise your profile and share your knowledge. 

Or maybe you are writing to share an inspirational life story and create a legacy for your family.

Maybe you have a passion for writing and having an incredible imagination in which fictional stories are created?

Let’s walk through the stages of getting your book to print and you can identify exactly where on that journey you currently are.

1. Great Idea stage

You have the burning idea and the inspiration to match to write a book. However, you may need some help, or you may choose to go it alone. If you require some support, there are a few choices available to you:

Writing coach – This person will guide you through the process, step by step, from the idea through to the written manuscript with much TLC along the way. 

Writing Course or Retreat – These can be delivered either online or in-person and either be self-directed or a more “hands-on” approach with some guidance. These are not as intensive as working with a coach. 

Ghostwriter – The comprehensive “done for you” approach whereby a writer writes the book for you. They take into account your voice and style following several interviews to extract the story/content from the author. 

2. Completed manuscript

The book is written, and you’re ready to print? But hang on, let’s go through a few points first. 

Checklist – can you tick these off (if not, you are not ready to print)

  • The manuscript has been edited
  • The manuscript has been proofread
  • ISBN purchased (if wanting to sell through stores in the future potentially) You can purchase from here: 
  • Book cover designed to print-ready and publication standards (including barcode if using ISBN)
  • Manuscript typeset and formatted to print-ready and publication standards and ready to go in a PDF document

If you have answered a no to any of these stages, please read on to discover what you need.

Book Editing

Your manuscript has been assessed by a professional to review and correct any/all of the following: 

Does your story/content have any holes? Does it make sense from start to finish?

Do your sentences and paragraphs read smoothly and flow?

Is your content written using the correct tense?

Have you repeated yourself throughout the story?

Does your content convey a clear and easy to understand message that is consistent throughout your book? 

Is your book written with an “ideal reader” in mind?

Book Proofreading

Your manuscript has been read by a professional to review and correct any/all of the following:

Does your book have any spelling mistakes? 

Grammatical errors?

Punctuation mistakes?


Many people get confused and send in a word or google document to the printer to create a book from. The edited and proofread manuscript now has to go through the next stage and be professionally (or done yourself using specialist software) typeset and formatted to a print-ready stage PDF document. 

Typesetting is the digital interior and layout of the book to a specified size, including a title page, content page, copyright page, the choice of font, page numbers, chapter page layout and several other options. 

If an ebook version is also required, the typesetter will create separately to meet the specifications of whichever digital publishing platform is being used. 

Book cover

You have gone to the trouble and dedicated so much love to your book; please treat it well with a fantastic cover. The book is most definitely judged by its cover when it is, in fact, a book! 

Ideally, the cover should be an eye-catching professional design (white covers ‘disappear’ online!) to a specified size that represents the general theme of your book and connects with your title. If a stranger can pick up your book, and from the cover, have a good idea of what your book is about – you’ve done a great job! 

The cover also needs to be designed to a print-ready version and on a PDF document with bleeds. The design will be slightly different for published books and ebooks to meet the digital publishing platform’s specifications. Your cover designer will know their stuff and be able to advise accordingly. A cover also usually has on the reverse a thoughtful book blurb (the short piece to describe your book), your barcode, a price, an author photo and maybe other details, but these are the standard requirements. 

Only when you can say that you are at this stage are you ready to go to print! 

For any of the above services, we can help, so please get in touch with us.

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